New sculpture studio

Alabasters 2012 (Images 1-9): embellished with bronze and 18-carat liquid gold, great chunks of stone (white or flushed palest rose) looking like fragments of ancient imagined statues. Bierenbroodspot chips away, remodelling, carving, erasing, subtracting until a torso or head emerges from the block, pulled willy-nilly into the modern world. She polishes it with powder and fine frozen dust until the surface ripples and pulsates with energy. (10-12) Using steel pens, she incises gold veins into slabs of red travertine, mythological silhouettes snaking with colour through the natural stone. (13-18) A colossal instrument of cast-bronze bells chimes from another, older world. Play it now: behind the sounds a percussive echo tings.
Photography by Studio Fong Leng