Cirque Magique

Tempera on Canvas
3.50 x 2.50 M
2019 [Private collection]

Summer 2019 Bierenbroodspot worked on an important commission. The only wish of the private collector that ordered the painting was that it would fit on a certain wall in his house. Bierenbroodspot suggested to follow the architects design and used the pointed shape of the wall.

I was limited by the shape and size, but I was totally free in what I painted.
I used a fresco like style. The painting is filled with items of antique circus horses, goddesses and columns, like a Cirque Magique. It took month and month to paint.
It was one of the most challenging assignments. Not just because of the size and shape. All the details are interesting. Working on the details I was executing my craft as a painter with lots of fun and delight.

Details of Cirque Magique