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De Verffabriek

De Verffabriek is the place where the artist Bierenbroodspot lives and works. It’s located  in the ‘Spiegel’ district, just over the water from the Rijksmuseum, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Unpolished location

The building was for centuries a metalworking factory and it still retains an unpolished industrial feeling, with solid iron beams and heavy lifting devices overhead. Reinforced glass skylights now cover most of the painting studio, which faces north bringing in the renowned Dutch painterly light. 

Several monumental paintings hang on the high walls and there’s plenty of space for her bronze and alabaster sculptures and, of course, drawings and graphics.

To Meet

In normal times De Verffabriek is also a meeting place, where you could view her latest works while wandering between paints, brushes, canvases, and memorabilia.

Bierenbroodspot held lectures (for as many as 45 guests, pre-Covid), telling of her unique experiences in her archaeological travels around the Mediterranean — her months of intensive work in and around ancient cities – Petra, Palmyra, Baalbeck, Leptis Magna in Libya, and Saqqara and Thebes in Egypt — slowly absorbing their icons of the past and letting them reverberate into a new creative space.

Tranquil and with attention

So right now, in the time of Covid, make a reservation to visit De Verffabriek . We look forward to welcoming you, whether alone or with family or a few friends, in accordance with the current Covid regulations.

Make an appointment in De Verffabriek

Contact Karin van der Beek at
06 22247195 or write for more information and prices to contact@bierenbroodspot.com, for work that you’ve seen.

De Verffabriek
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 87, Amsterdam.