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Bierenbroodspot designed and produced six giant ‘Gobelin’ tapestries based on the friezes of the famous Pergamon altar, depicting the battle of the Olympian gods against the earth-born giants, to fit into niches in the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Phoenicia in Beirut(2000).

Dazzling modern colors and magnificent sculptured form, images of giants, sea monsters, and undulating forms of snaky hybrids, the Gobelins combine old-fashioned materials (wool, cotton, silk) with the sharp highlighted reliefs of her paintings (whites, golds, pale-yellows).

The stuff artists dream of: Bierenbroodspot’s own set of the six Gobelins as originally woven (9.60 m. long x 2.20 m. high) will be on view at this show and she plunges once again into the mythic dimensions of the distant past in a new series of oil paintings and sculptures.

Gobelin Tapestry Pergamon
Gobelin Tapestry Pergamon

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Photography: studio Fong-Leng