Bierenbroodspot’s Giant Vase in bronze (2015): Pompeii


Cast in a mould of clay, plaster, and ground Roman bricks in the core of the furnace at 1200 C , the vase emerged as if exploding in a cloud of steam. Bierenbroodspot sprayed acids to give ‘a skin’ to the bronze, rubbed on marble dust, and added splashes of gold.

Ten archaic horses’ heads circle the rim, the solid handles are embellished with rosettes. Pompeii weighs 150 kg. Signed by Bierenbroodspot with her metal stamp.
Bierenbroodspot created a temporary volcanic installation to display Pompeii I, blasted and split at its joint in the first casting. Pompeii II fused in perfect equilibrium.

Detail horse heads

Pompeii II full shot



Casting first vase: Pompeii I


Risen from the ashes: Pompeii I



Bronze (incl. granite stand) 13cm x 60cm x 26cm
Unlimited edition


Equus photo by studio Fong-Leng